Home at last…

I am at My Paradise and wanted you to know.

“Despite everything, I try to #countmyblessings

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(My Paradise Ilang-Ilang Street, De Castro (@ Country side), Pasig, PH)

- Ashley

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Thanks! :-)

Ashley De Guzman

Adventure time

My first time to ride a Small Boat, go to a remote island where clear-filtered water is scarce and be able to see crystal clear water.

Glad to make that trip with Hubby and friends.


Dash wanted to pose using my Shades. #delayedpost #countingmyblessing #dash #home #playtime

Thanks! :-)

Ashley De Guzman

Purple Bag

Excited to use my Purple Bag from Ate Raquel! #countingmyblessing #me

Glass Pumps

My Agent MT gave me these. They’re so adorable that I kind-a bring it everywhere. i wish there’s a life-size version of it (size 7 please). #purpleglasspumps #souvenir #ilovemyjob #work #countingmyblessing #me #teamashley

Thanks! :-)

Ashley De Guzman

Hand me down

I gave Dash my Electric Organ/Piano that Was given to me by my Uncle when I was 4. He couldn’t stop smiling #handmedown #yamahapiano #countingmyblessing #dash #playtime

Thanks! :-)

Ashley De Guzman

Mirage show

When I arrived @ the parking lot, I saw Bluewie with 2 other Red Mirage cars parked beside him. So cute! #countingmyblessing