Mirage show

When I arrived @ the parking lot, I saw Bluewie with 2 other Red Mirage cars parked beside him. So cute! #countingmyblessing

Free food

Another Home-cooked meal from Bro Ricardo: Spicy Shrimp Pasta! #cpuntingmyblessing

Thanks! :-)

Ashley De Guzman

Hubby’s sweetness

Hubby just wanted to have our picture taken before we go to sleep but it ended as my selfie. He also did some paint art using photo apps. Little things that make me feel loved. #countingmyblessing

Ready for school

Painting Activity Day!

Super delayed message

OMG, I never understood whenever I see posts of other people about checking “Others” folder for the messages of those who are not your friends in FACEBOOK. I just noticed and took the time to search for that particular folder last week, and guess what… I got a message from VIN Diesel (Hollywood Actor – Fast and the Furious). The message was last APRIL 11, 2009. 5 YEARS AGO! Sad that I didn’t see it in time for me to be able to interact and reply. But I am happy that he stayed humble despite the fame. Forever a Fan!


Yummy Almonds

Goodie Treat from @Sibelle #delayedpost #countingmyblessing

Thanks! :-)

Ashley De Guzman


Like Father, like Son! #delayedpost #countingmyblessing

Thanks! :-)

Ashley De Guzman