Happy Birthday!

You’ve changed my life and perspective round. A miracle that started from love. You’ve become bigger and stronger but no matter how big you become, you’d always be my baby. May God continue to protect you and guide you through life’s battles. May you continue to see Mom and Dad as your best friends through the years to come. We love you more and more. Happy Birthday #Dash


Sticker for Bluewie, almost the same as the sticker posted with old Basty #countingmyblessing #bluewie #me #lyts #dash #family

Thanks! :-)

Ashley De Guzman

zagu drink

Zagu’s Pearl Milk Tea… #oldschool #countingmyblessing #me thanks #lyts

Thanks! :-)

Ashley De Guzman

Happy Halloween!

Another successful Theme day event in the office! #me #countingmyblessing #work

Thanks! :-)

Ashley De Guzman

Sepoc Island

A once in a lifetime adventure for me. 1st time to ride a boat, 1st time on a remote island, 1st time out with officemates.

Home at last…

I am at My Paradise and wanted you to know.

“Despite everything, I try to #countmyblessings

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(My Paradise Ilang-Ilang Street, De Castro (@ Country side), Pasig, PH)

- Ashley

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Thanks! :-)

Ashley De Guzman

Adventure time

My first time to ride a Small Boat, go to a remote island where clear-filtered water is scarce and be able to see crystal clear water.

Glad to make that trip with Hubby and friends.